Emergency Clinics

If you have an after hours emergency please call the main hospital telephone line at (860) 567-8369 and follow the instructions on the message machine. Below are links to some of the local emergency veterinary hospitals.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT CLIENT and have an emergency please call (or text) 860-733-9806. This is a direct line to one of the veterinary staff. If you do not receive a response within 15 minutes please call/text again. If you wait 30 minutes total with no response please go to your nearest emergency hospital. Please understand that we are humans with families and we someones are unable to reach the phone (children in the bathtub, at a funeral, or in Dr. Scheibel’s case sometimes losing her phone charger…). Please know that your pets health is very important to us and that we will always do our best to be there for your and your furry family.

Veterinary Emergency Center in Canton

Pieper Memorial Veterinary Emergency in Middletown

Newtown Veterinary Specialists in Newtown

ONLINE PHARMACY                    Vets First Choice

Pet Poison Control

Did your pet eat something that they shouldn't have? Not sure if what they ate is actually toxic or not? Sometimes calling the pet poison helplines can save you an emergency visit. More importantly the poison experts can aid in the treatment of  your pet if you are advised to bring them to your veterinarian for treatment.

Call us first! 

Pet Poison Helpline ($59 consultation fee)

ASPCA Poison Control ($65 consultation fee)